Zemea® Propanediol | Natural Humectant & Preservative-Boosting Ingredient

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Zemea® Propanediol

When performance matters, choose Zemea® propanediol—the pure, bio-based, petroleum-free diol.

Zemea® propanediol is the multifunctional, preservative-boosting humectant and ingredient that delivers high performance in a variety of consumer applications, from cosmetics and personal care to food, flavor, and pharmaceuticals, and laundry and household cleaning.

Plus, Zemea® propanediol is sustainably sourced and generates up to 40% less greenhouse gas emissions over its life, helping companies fulfill their sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

Why Zemea® propanediol?

  • A pure, petroleum-free diol
  • High performance in a variety of applications
  • Certified 100% bio-based by USDA BioPreferred® program
Cosmetics and personal care
Food and flavors
Laundry and household cleaning
Pharmaceutical and dietary supplements